Karyl Payne

Human Guardian


The Story of Karyl Payne

Grandpa-Owen Payne-Killed by locals
Grandma-Aves Payne-Killed by raiders during our escape from planet??
Father-Derryn Payne-Killed by locals
Mother-Jayde Payne-Killed by locals

A Tale of Payne

For a short stint my grandfather was an accomplish Jedi, or so this was the story handed down to me from a young age. I have never seen any visible signs that my grandfather actually had the use of the Force, I think that’s what my father and he referred to it as. I was too young to remember much of my grandfather, but I do remember some things. Anyways, my father continues to tell the story, My grandfather fell in love during his stint with the Jedi order, before the clone wars. He tried to keep my grandmother Aves from Jedi knowledge, but was found out. A meeting with the Jedi council over this issue didn’t fare well for my grandpa, he had to either choose Aves or continue his training as a Jedi. He obviously choose Aves. Father says, that’s when grandpa stopped his Jedi training and started a family.

It wasn’t long after my father was born that the clone wars broke out and the Galaxy went crazy, droids, clones, upheaval on every planet, spies everywhere, people scared. My family thought it best to flee corasant, appently my grandfather still interacted with a few friends at the Jedi temple, most notably Yoda, who I don’t know much about except he’s important. Anyway, when Anakin Skywalker (dirty bastard, I’ll kill him if I ever see him) took out the Jedi temple my family heard and fled. On our trip to anywhere but corasant, the transport ship was attacked by droids and my grandmother was killed. My grandfather went into a rage to avenge my grandmother, my father does not know much about the situation because he was to young and of course my grandpa has never brought it up once, he just dodges the question.

Owen and Derryn moved from planet to planet. Grandpa raised Derryn by himself and never sought comfort in another women again. My dad was the bomb…..I mean great. He grew up like anyone else, or what seemed like normal to me, except the moving part, we stilled moved all the time, I never understood that until later. Father grew up and helped my grandfather fix and repair droids, vehicles and anything else with moving parts. My grandfather was a natural and he taught my father everything he knows.

During this time my father fell in love with a local girl and eventually they got married and had me. My mother Aves worked at home as my grandfather and father went to work. I would tag along and learn the trade by their side, I was hoping this planet would be our home, however, fate had other plans. Little did I know there order 66 was in effect and the hunting of individuals who could use the force was executed and leads were followed. People were rewarded for snitching and crazy rumors spread.

It was another day working in the shop, I was in the back helping my father, when a man in a gray suit of armor and helmet came into the shop to question my grandfather. The conversation turned headed and that’s when I saw it, a metal rod with light coming out of it. The scuffle between the man in the gray suit of armor killed my grandfather. As I watched I screamed out drawing his attention long enough for my father to knock him out with a huge pipe. We took off and headed home. We didn’t have long, we gather our things and left, headed for a transport ship to anywhere, I was crying uncontrollably at the death of my grandfather, but the crushing blow would soon come. As we board the ship the man in the gray suit of armor found us. My father put me on the transport with some belongings. He and my mother never made it on the transport as it took off for God knows where. That day my world crashed and ended up on Planet???. At 17, I work in my own shop fixing anything with moving parts. I don’t have much but a tiny hologram that I can’t read and this metal cylinar that I think my grandfather used long ago with a light coming out the end, however, I have no idea how it works and when I shake it something on the inside is broke.

I am hoping someone will help understand what happen. I will revenge my family and my family name will be the last thing the man in the gray suit remembers!!!

When my father left me on the transport ship by myself, I was alone and scared. Not understanding what was going on. I saw a man I recognized as Tinker, he was a guy that my dad did work for and with. He took me under his wing, he knew what was going on and explained the situation the best he could. It’s been looking after me ever since that fateful day. He has been teaching me compassion and forgiveness. It’s hard, I miss my parents, but I feel at peace with the situation after all these years. The first few years, must have been rough on Tinker, I was a pain, literally.
As I have gown older, I often dream of going back to that planet to see if I could dig any information up about my parents. It’s been 11 years, I know it’s silly, but there are so many unanswered questions I have. Maybe, someday I will find the answers out. As of now Tinker doesn’t talk about it much and for now I’ve settled on his advice. I have worked hard to help tinker, he’s getting older, he is having a hard time seeing, walking and hearing. It seems like the tides have turned and now I have to take care of him. He still can fix almost anything, but I defiantly have to help, which I don’t mind, he has this amazing nack for fixing things, he’s one of the best tinkers I know, lots of people come to him to fix lots of stuff, almost to many, so much we have to turn people away.
I am not sure what I’ll do when he passes, it could be next week or next year, who knows, until then I will take care of him, learn the trade and see what happens. I hope to make him and my parents proud some day. Until then, it’s back to work I go!!!

Karyl Payne

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