Zelada Kru

Twi'lek Counsilor


Zelada Kru was born on Yanibar an inhospitable planet on the very fringe of the outer rim. An old colony world, long forgotten by those who sent them, Yanibar is a world of extremes, dry hot summers, and cold wet winters. Although populated mostly by humans the original colony had representatives from many races whose ancestors have survived until the current day, including the Twi’lek, Zelada’s race.

The peoples of Yanibar developed their own culture, being cut off from the rest of the galaxy thousands of years before being rediscovered in the last 600 years or so. The planet was originally populated by families of many Jedi who wished to secret them away from the Sith during the great war between them. After a few generations of being stuck on this hell planet the people of Yanibar blamed the Jedi for abandoning them there and grew to resent them. Their descendants had abnormally high rates of force sensitive individuals and they began to develop their own force tradition called the Zeison Sha, which survives to this day. Despite being adherents to the light, their tradition differs significantly from the Jedi which caused further tension between the groups after Yanibar was rediscovered.

Yanibar is currently under Imperial control and children who are thought to possibly be force sensitive are kept under very strict watch, most of them eventually disappearing in the night never to be seen again. Those who can are trained in secret by an underground resistance movement which is widespread among the fiercely independent people of Yanibar. As such the children of Yanibar are secretly taught about the force and the teachings of the Zeison Sha.

Zelada thought he was safe at age 15, if the force was going to manifest it likely would have by now. The Force however had a different path in mind for Zelada. When a routine harassing by imperial troops turned violent against him and his friends, his power suddenly manifested to keep his friends safe. They managed to escape the encounter and he was barely able to say goodbye to his parents and younger sister before all agreed it was suicide to stay on planet. His father was able to smuggle him aboard an outgoing ship and he’s been hiding ever since.

Two years have passed since that fateful day and not one goes by where Zelada does not think of the family he was forced to abandon or the plight of his people at the hands of the empire. He has spent the last two years on his own, doing whatever odd jobs he could to scrape enough credits up to get to the next port. He sees himself as a long Zeison Sha warrior and has focused on learning and training as much as he can on his own although without much success. He has begun tracking down rumors of old Jedi temples and sanctuaries. Despite growing up despising the Jedi, he knows these places are some of the last in the galaxy where he may learn more about the force. He hopes to learn and grow in power to one day return to his home and be able to defend his people, and his family.

Zelada Kru

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